CERA project information for STAR II Modell des PIK

STAR II Modell des PIK
The STAR II-Model was developed at the Potsdam-Insitute for Climate Impact Research (PIK - www.pik-potsdam.de).

The actual version (2008) of the model is used in different scientific projects at home and abroad (for example - www.glowa-elbe.de).

The statistical regional climate model STAR II was developed to simulate the future climate for different scenarios and regions.
The STAR II simulation represent the future climate from 2007 -2060 for Germany.
The calculation is based on trend information of the ECHAM5/OM IPCC scenario run 1 (SRES A1B) and observed data. The model domain covers Germany.
The data set is based on daily values of 265 climate stations and 2072 stations measuring precipitation.

Via CERA database available are daily values for temperature (tmax, tmea, tmin), precipitation (prec), relative humidity (rehu), air pressure (aipr),
vapour pressure (vapr), sunshine duration (sudu), cloudiness (clou), global radiation (glra) and wind velocity (wive).

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