CERA project information for Archived weather radar data (BoXPol)

Archived weather radar data (BoXPol)
The volume observations of the polarimetric X-Band (9.3 GHz) weather
radar of the University of Bonn in Germany (BoXPol) include 10 PPI
(Plan-position indicator) scans measured at elevation angles between 1
and 28 degrees. The data set covers five and a half years of
observations (2014-2019) with one degree azimuthal and 25 m to 150 m
radial resolution. Volume scans are available every 5 minutes and
provided in daily files for each elevation. The data set includes the
following polarimetric moments: uncorrected/corrected (for correction
description see metadata) horizontal/vertical reflectivity factor,
differential reflectivity, cross-correlation coefficient, differential
phase shift, horizontal/vertical radial velocities and
horizontal/vertical spectral width of radial velocity. The measurements
are well suited for quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE), studies
on microphysical precipitation generating processes in the regional
temperate climate of western Germany, as well as for the evaluation and
improvement of numerical models.
Funder: Spezial priority programme SPP-2115 “Polarimetric Radar Observations
meet Atmospheric Modelling (PROM)”  in the project "An efficient volume
scan po[1]larimetric radar forward OPERAtor to improve the
representaTION of HYDROMETEORS in the COSMO model (Operation
Hydrometeors)" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, grant TR
Webpage: https://www2.meteo.uni-bonn.de/spp2115

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