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Quality Control horizontal plots MaD EH5-T63L31_OM-GR1.5L40_A2_2_MM
These are horizontal plots in pdf format, made for quality control of primary data for the experiment EH5-T63L31_OM-GR1.5L40_A2_2_MM
Following parameter where choosen:
mean sea level pressure (MSLP)
net surface solar radiation (SRADS)
2m air temperature (TEMP2)
total precipitation (TPREC)
u-velocity (zonal) 850 hPa (U850)
v-velocity (meridional) 850 hPa (V850)
near surface wind speed 10m (WIND10M)
at two timesteps (January 2001 and July 2001).
After all checks of the data and metadata a persistent identifier was given to the experiment and the experiment was published.
The plots have to be used as quick plots. Plots for scientific work or publications have to be made directly from the underlying data which are part of WDC-Climate and hence available for everyone who has been registered at the CERA data base.
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Roeckner, Erich; Lautenschlager, Michael; Schlese, Ulrich (2006). IPCC-AR4 MPI-ECHAM5_T63L31 MPI-OM_GR1.5L40 SRESA2 run no.2: atmosphere monthly mean values MPImet/MaD Germany. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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