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coastDat-2_TRIM-NP-2d_grid1_u10: x_wind
This is a hydrodynamic hindcast for the North Sea and the Northeast Atlantic over the period 1948-2015. The simulation has been performed with the hydrodynamic model TRIM-NP V2.1.22 in barotropic 2D mode. Water level and current component fields are stored hourly. The model is set up on an equidistant Cartesian grid cascade with the center near Helgoland (7.88 E, 54.18 N). The coarsest grid with 12.8 km resolution covers the area from 20 W to 30 E and from 42 N to 65 N. Further 3 nested grids better resolve the North Sea (with 6.4km), southern North Sea (with 3.2km) and the German Bight (with 1.6km). Model data from grid 1 and grid 4 are available in this data bank. Please contact the authors for data from grid 2 and grid 3.
Time supplement procedure: data over period 2013-2015 appended 04-05-2016
North Sea and Northeast Atlantic: Longitude -20 to 30 Latitude 42 to 65
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -20 to 30 Latitude 42 to 65 Altitude: 10 m
Temporal Coverage
1948-01-01 to 2015-08-31 (calendrical)
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For scientific use only
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restricted: access to registered users after approval by coastDat (please contact
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Gaslikova, Lidia; Weisse, Ralf (2013). coastDat-2 TRIM-NP-2d Tide-Surge North Sea. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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