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coastDat-1 Waves Baltic Sea_dd: wind_from_direction
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The data are from multi-decadal hindcast simulation with the wave model
WAM 4.5 covering the entire Baltic Sea using a grid size of about 5.5x5.5 km (0.05 degrees latitude x 0.10 degrees longitude). The hindcast covers the period 1958-2002. Integrated parameter derived from 2D spectra are available every hour; the wave spectra are available with a 3-hour time step. Atmospheric forcing was obtained from an atmospheric hindcast with SN-REMO ( driven by the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1 data set (Kalnay et al.,1996). Lateral boundary conditions were obtained from corresponding hindcast for the southern North Sea driven by the same atmospheric forcing (
Baltic Sea: Longitude 10 to 30 Latitude 53 to 66
Spatial Coverage
Longitude 9 to 31.5 Latitude 53.5 to 66 Altitude: 0 Pa
Temporal Coverage
1958-01-01 to 2002-12-31 (calendrical)
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Weisse, Ralf (2015). coastDat-1 Waves Baltic Sea. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. doi:10.1594/WDCC/coastDat-1_Waves_Baltic_Sea

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