LOFZY 2005 - First Field Experiment on Cyclones over the Norwegion Sea


Brümmer, Burghard et al.

The field campaign LOFZY 2005 (LOFoten ZYklonen, engl.: Cyclones) was carried out in the frame of Collaborative Research Centre 512, which deals with low-pressure systems (cyclones) and the climate system of the North Atlantic. Cyclones are of special interest due to their influence on the interaction between atmosphere and ocean.

Cyclone activity in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is notably high and is of particular importance for the entire Atlantic Ocean. An area of maximum precipitation exists in front of the Norwegian Lofoten islands. One aim of the LOFZY field campaign was to clarify the role cyclones play in the interaction of ocean and atmosphere.

In order to obtain a comprehensive dataset of cyclone activity and ocean-atmosphere interaction a field experiment was carried out in the Lofoten region during March and April 2005. Employed platforms were the Irish research vessel RV Celtic Explorer which conducted a meteorological (radiosondes, standard parameters, observations) and an oceanographic (CTD) program. The German research aircraft Falcon accomplished eight flight missions (between 4-21 March) to observe synoptic conditions with high spatial and temporal resolution. In addition 23 autonomous marine buoys were deployed in advance of the campaign in the observed area to measure drift, air-temperature and -pressure and water-temperature.

In addition to the published datasets several other measurements were performed during the experiment. Corresonding datasets will be published in the near future and are available on request.
Details about all used platforms and sensors and all performed measurements are listed in the fieldreport.
The following datasets are available on request: ground data at RV Celtic Explorer
UNI_HH_MI_fielddata (Field Data of the Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg)
Dr. Gerd Müller (
Norwegian Sea: Longitude -10 to 20 Latitude 63 to 78
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -8 to 35 Latitude 65 to 80
Temporal Coverage
2005-02-22 to 2005-03-24 (calendrical)
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Brümmer, Burghard; Müller, Gerd; Schröder, David; Wetzel, Christian (2012). LOFZY 2005 - Field Experiment on Cyclones over the Norwegian Sea: meteorological measurements of the research aircraft Falcon, 23 autonomous water buoys and radiosoundings at the research vessel Celtic Explorer. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ. https://doi.org/10.1594/WDCC/UNI_HH_MI_LOFZY2005

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Accuracy report
All presented data is observational. Accuracy and precision are dependent on sensors and platforms. Details to sensor types, error sources and quality checking are given in Additional Information accompanying each dataset.;All datasets passed several quality checks. Quality control took place during the field phase; data were controlled during their use for research and and again before publishing.

Data were processed with objective algorithms (e.g. to reject values out of range) and were controlled subjectively by experienced researchers. The processing is described in detail in the documentation of each dataset.

In addition the buoy dataset contains unprocessed raw data files as provided by ARGOS.;SQA - Scientific Quality Assurance 'approved by author' 03/20/2012 16:35:31;TQA - Technical Quality Assurance 'approved by WDCC'26.03.12
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Data acquisition is completed.
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ContactDr. Gerd MüllerUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
AuthorProf. Dr. Burghard BrümmerUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
AuthorDr. Gerd MüllerUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
AuthorDr. David SchröderUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
AuthorChristian WetzelUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
Principal investigatorProf. Dr. Burghard BrümmerUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
originatorDr. Gerd MüllerUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
technicalMichael OffermannUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
contributorUniversity of Hamburg (MI)
metadataChristian WetzelUniversity of Hamburg (MI)

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