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HD(CP)2-II S4 (Land Surface Heterogeneity) (bm0982)
DKRZ_lta (Long-term Archiving of Climate Model Data at WDC Climate and DKRZ (DOKU))
HD(CP)2 – High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction is a framework project funded by BMBF. The general target of the project is to advance the understanding of cloud formation and precipitation processes using a very high-resolution model based on the dynamical core of ICON, integrated for short time periods (days) over relatively large domains. The whole project is conceptualized as having three phases: Phase I focused on the development and optimization of the model code and officially ended in September 2015. Building on the development of Phase I, simulations were started on Mistral that allowed for the first time ever to simulate over Germany using a horizontal grid resolution of 150 m for specific days. For Phase II, which will officially start in April 2016, an externally reviewed proposal has been submitted to BMBF which includes an outline of the planned simulations and scientific justifications.
See attached document "abstract_0982.pdf" for more information.
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Longitude 0 to 360 Latitude -90 to 90
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