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Laacher See Eruption
Dated to ca. 13,000 years ago, the Laacher See (East Eifel Volcanic Zone) eruption was one of the largest mid-latitude Northern Hemisphere volcanic events of the Late Pleistocene. This eruptive event not only impacted local environments and human communities but also NH climate. We have simulated the evolution of the fine ash and sulfur cloud of an LSE-type eruption under present-day meteorological conditions that mirror the empirically known ash transport distribution as derived from geological, palaeo-ecological and archaeological evidence linked directly to the Late Pleistocene eruption of the Laacher See volcano. This evidence has informed our experimental set-up and we simulated corresponding eruptions of different injection altitudes (30, 60 and, 100 hPa) with varying emission strengths of sulfur and fine ash (1.5, 15, 100 Tg \chem{SO_2}) and at different days in spring. The chosen eruption dates were determined by the stratospheric wind fields to reflect the empirically observed ash lobes.

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lse002 LSE1
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lse008 LSE3
lse009 LSE2
lse010 LSE5
lse011 LSE6
lse012 LSE7
lse013 LSE8
lse016 LSE11
lse017 LSE9
lse018 LSE10
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2015-01-01 to 2017-12-31 (365_day)
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Niemeier, Ulrike; Riede, Felix, Timmreck, Claudia (2020). ECHAM5 Data of: Simulation of a Laacher See-type eruption. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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