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Climatology 2000-2010: data from all EARLINET stations: various variables in b-files or e-files
EARLINET climatological lidar observations are performed on a regular
schedule of one daytime measurement per week around noon (on Monday), when the
boundary layer is usually well developed, and two night-time measurements per week
(on Monday and Thursday), with low background light, in order to perform Raman
extinction measurements. This regular schedule for observations minimizes the bias
in the dataset possibly related to specific measurement conditions. The resulting
dataset is used to obtain unbiased data for climatological studies.

This dataset contains profiles of aerosol extinction, backscatter and lidar ratio.
Several aerosol extinction/backscatter datasets can be present for the same
climatological measurement in order to provide profiles either with a better temporal
resolution or with an extended height range by using a larger temporal average.

This is by far the largest dataset on the aerosol vertical distribution, and it is
the only one which is collected systematically and is covering a whole continent.
Europe: Longitude -31.29 to 66.427 Latitude 34.809 to 80.764
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -8 to 29 Latitude 37.2 to 54
Temporal Coverage
2000-04-01 to 2010-12-31 (calendrical)
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