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ARKTIS1993_multanovsky_rs: 6-hourly radiosoundings, launched onboard RV Prof. Multanovsky 82 soundings
From 1993-03-02 to 1993-03-22 a total of 82 radiosondes were launched from RV Prof. Multanovsky at intervalls of about 6 hours. Measured parameters are temperature, pressure and humidity. Wind direction and speed are determined by OMEGA navigation system.

The dataset consists of one archive file (.tar) which contains 82 data files, one for each sounding. The file format is 'ascii-text', the representation of the measured parameters is described in the 'readme'-file inside the .tar-archive and in the 'additional_info' entry (ARKTIS1993_multanovsky_rs_info).
Fram Strait: Longitude -20 to 10 Latitude 76 to 83
Spatial Coverage
Longitude -7.8 to 8.9 Latitude 70.7 to 75.8 Altitude: 10 m relativ to sea level to 0 m relativ to sea level
Temporal Coverage
1993-03-02 to 1993-03-22 (calendrical)
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Jeske, Helmut; Kruspe, Gottfried; Brümmer, Burghard; Nagurny, Andrey; Müller, Gerd; Wetzel, Christian (2012). ARKTIS 1993 - Air mass modification and convection in off-ice air flows over Fram Strait: meteorological measurements of the research aircraft Falcon and radiosoundings at the research vessels Valdivia, Polarstern and Prof. Multanovsky and at 4 land stations. World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) at DKRZ.

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