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Create Metadata for DKRZ Long Term Archive

Purpose of this Application

Data stored in DKRZ Long Term Archive (LTA) is published in CERA / WDC Climate Database under the following Terms of Use. Use this application to create Metadata for data scheduled for LTA storage.


Use your CERA account and password for login. In case of no account apply for an account (including your name, institute and e-mail address).

Metadata Form

After successful login fill in the metadata form (see Tab "WDCC Metadata Form"). Only this Tab is mandatory. Please add information on each item. Save your work via "Create New Metadata Entry" button.


Help is provided for most of the items. Click for example on "Summary" to get help for this item.

Selection Lists

Some fields in the form provide selection lists. Selection lists for person, institute and projects can be extended. Click for example on Tab "New Institute" to extend the list of institutes. The new institute entry will now be available from selection list.

Upload Area

The Tab "Upload Area" is used to upload additional files (not the data itself!). For long term archiving of data a list of files destined for archiving is mandatory. Please enter a short description of your file before uploading the file. For example explain specifics in case of parameter lists or file lists or describe the content of the file.

Citation Entry

CERA database provides the ability to store citations with the data itself. Enter citations that might be helpful to know about for the user of the data. Citation entries are not mandatory.

Suspend your work

All entries are stored in temporary tables. Content of the temporary tables will not be deleted before integration of the data in WDC Climate is completed.

Finnish your work

Please write mail to DKRZ/DM when your work on Metadata is completed. Make sure the file list for the DKRZ Long Term Archive contains all files destined for archiving. In case of questions please contact