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The SRES data sets were published by the IPCC in 2000 and classified
into four different scenario families (A1, A2, B1, B2).
SRES_A1 storyline describes a future world of very rapid economic
growth, global population that peaks in mid-century and declines
thereafter and the rapid introduction of new and more efficient
It is distinguished by their technological emphasis:
A1FI: fossil intensiv,
A1T : non-fossil energy sources and
A1B : a balance across all sources.
The Mark 2 CSIRO coupled global climate model consists of the
atmospheric component which has 9 vertical levels with a R21
horizontal resolution and the ocean component which was based
on the GFDL code.
Mark2_CSIRO (http://www.cmar.csiro.au/e-print/open/hennessy_1998a.html#ccm )
The changes of anthropogenic emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O and
sulphur dioxide are prescribed according to the above
mentioned scenario.

Due to an error in the model specifications provided to the IPCC DDC for all CSIRO
SRES runs, the labels for model skin temperatures and model air temperatures were reversed.
was applied immediately.
As a consequence (air) temperature data sets retrieved from the archive prior to
end of September 2002 will contain the skin temperature data instead of the air
The results based on these data will be erroneous.
Quality control of data sets for data publication (www.std-doi.de):
1)Control of timeseries:
-creation of minimum, maximum timeseries plots of every record 06.05.04
-control of timeseries 06.05.04
2)Control of 2D-plot samples:
-timestep(s) or record(s): jan/jul 2001
-topic(s): PREC, WIND10, TMP, MSLP, DSWF
Comments see quality entrys of the data sets

consistent as the model is (Mark2 CSIRO CGM)

All records accessible. Checked for data publication (www.std-doi.de) 06.05.04

global; Latitude: -90.0 to 90.0 Longitude: 0.0 to 360.0

Spatial Coverage
Latitude: -90.0 to 90.0; Longitude: 0.0 to 360.0; Altitude: 0.0 m to 200.0 hPa

Temporal Coverage
1/1/1961 - 31/12/2100 (unchecked data)

Data format(s)

Data size
273649 kBytes

Hal Gordon
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation

IPCC Data Distribution Centre : Third Assessment Report data sets