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CERA WWW-Gateway

CERA user interface

The user interface offers access to the CERA data catalog, comprehensive metadata for all stored datasets and interactive data download:



The java based command-line tool 'Jblob' offers users the facility to download large amounts of datasets by using simple batch scripts and is available for all systems supporting Java (Oracle / OpenJDK):

http://cera-www.dkrz.de/CERA/jblob (Jblob documentation and examples)


No Account?

If you don't have a CERA account, please send an email containing your name, institute, email and fax number (if available) to data@dkrz.de. We will then provide you with your personal account and password as soon as possible.


A newsfeed is available feed here, alternatively the news messages can be accessed from the main page of the CERA user interface.