WDC Climate

Data Access

CERA user interface

The user interface offers access to the CERA data catalog, comprehensive metadata for all stored datasets and interactive data download:



The command-line tool 'Jblob' offers users the potential to download large amounts of datasets by using simple scripts and is available for all systems supporting Java:



No account?

Please send an email containing your name and institute affiliation to . We will then provide you with your personal account and password as soon as possible.


A newsfeed is available here, alternatively the news messages can be accessed from the main page of the CERA user interface.

Data Preservation

The DKRZ long-term archive (DKRZ-LTA) offers users a service to store data for a period of at least 10 years and includes access to stored data by internet. It is specifically designed for archiving project results which is requested by founding agencies to keep data accessible for research purposes.

The DKRZ-LTA has been certified to conform to the standards of the "Data Seal of Approval" (DSA) and is listed as a recommended repository by the Data Journal of the Nature Publishing Group 'Scientific Data' in the Environmental & Geoscience section (http://www.nature.com/sdata/data-policies/repositories).